The inclusion specialists

At AWSS LLP we work with client organisations who are courageous enough to ask themselves the question: Who are we being that they are not shining?

Q: What’s the problem to which we offer a solution? 

A: Invariably our clients are seeking to do a better job of recruiting, on boarding, developing and retaining the world’s best talent so as to ensure the immediate, medium and long-term future of their businesses.  This problem comes with a twist – increasingly organisations are imposing, or having imposed upon them, workforce metrics which include an assessment of the diversity of staff at senior levels of their businesses.   Regardless of whether organisations come to this conversation as conscripts or volunteers, the likelihood is that they lack either the breadth or depth of internal expertise to manage, develop and or retain diverse senior leaders.

Q: What’s AWSS’s solution to this problem? 

 Our approach is very different from our competitors. Typically, in fact invariably, other Practitioners approach this as an equality & diversity problem to be solved. We do not. On the contrary, we do not see it as a problem for our clients.   We believe it’s an opportunity to leverage the talent in their organisations to enable them to get more out of more of their people more of the time. The diversity targets that organisations are stretching for will never be achieved by diversity initiatives; the secret is what we call “The business of inclusion.